Hi, I’m Anna Kitty and this is me crying.

I’m someone who has suffered from panic attacks and anxiety for years and at the beginning of last summer things started to get really bad. I spent the majority of my time watching re-runs of friends, stalking Kim Kardashian’s instagram account and trying to avoid anything that meant leaving the house. However over the past year, after a very low point, things have slowly started to get easier. After spending months  wearing only pyjamas and lying on the sofa I realised that I was actually going to have to turn off the TV and leave the house, in doing so I discovered that by wearing whatever I wanted and not choosing my clothes in order to fit in with everyone else, something I used to find myself doing a lot, I was able to have some control about how I felt, and leaving the house could become something creative and not as scary.

My mum is a strong believer in feeling better and recovering from the inside out, however i’ve come to realise that a good pair of jeans and some mascara can go a long way when I’m feeling a bit shit. As my anxiety has started to reduce, my personal style has become less about trying to feel safe and more a form of self expression, and I guess this blog will help me to document how strongly my mood effects how I dress and how what i’m wearing can alter my mood.

Going outside has now become a regular activity in my life, therefore everyday brings opportunity for a different outfit and the process of getting dressed is definitely a highlight in my day. Being able to chose how the world see’s me through the clothes I decide to wear, whether that be wellies and dungarees or high heels and a mini dress, is something I enjoy. In addition, the satisfaction of being able to put on my pyjamas at the end of the day is heightened by having been outside wearing real clothes, there is a feeling that the more eccentric my outfit for that day the more I deserve to lie on the sofa, stalking Kim Kardashian’s instagram and eating almond butter out of the jar.

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