Hi, I’m Scarlett Curtis, I’m 20, and I’ve been blogging, writing and journalism-ing since I was 14, you may know me from my blogs Teen Granny or, or you may not know me at all, in which case – Hello, would you like a cupcake?

If you’ve ever read anything I’ve written before, you may know that starting a fashion (ish) blog isn’t exactly in my comfort zone. For a very long time clothes and fashion were pretty much the last thing in the world that I could even think about.

I spent a lot of my teens in a lot of physical pain followed by a lot of mental pain. For 3 years I had such a bad back that I couldn’t wear anything except hugely baggy jumpers that wouldn’t touch my skin and once I got physically better, my struggles with anxiety and depression meant that I rarely got out of my pyjamas. Fashion and ‘cool clothes’ were a portion of this world, much like dungeons and dragons or the stock market, that I assumed I would never be a part of.

I wanted to start this blog because over the last year, as my anxiety and depression has begun to shift, I started to realise that caring about what I wore meant more than just which navy blue GAP jumper I put on in the morning. That the clothes that I armed myself with every morning before setting off into the big (and let’s face it, often pretty scary) world could make me feel confident, or clever, or even potentially cool.

I started to realise that all the women around me who I assumed just came out of the womb knowing exactly what to wear, were also making big decisions about what they wore and that those decisions, even if only in the smallest way, were effecting how they felt as they lived their lives.

My life was so odd for so long, odder than the second season of True Detective. And I feel it’s my mission now to try and figure out what beautiful, wonderful, scary things compile this ‘normal’ world I had come to think of as so odd and distant and alien for so long.

When I was 14 I decided to start calling myself Teen Granny, and being a Teen Granny helped so much in making my necessarily quiet, secluded life seem less horrible and less lonely than it was. But as I’ve grown up, it’s sometimes felt hard to let go of the labels I used to define myself for so long. No longer the sick girl, the girl who never goes out, the girl who cries all the time or the girl who loves knitting more than most people love Channing Tatum’s abs – I found myself a bit lost at who I was. Unable to quite comprehend that I could be the happy girl, the girl who likes clothes, the girl who only cries when she’s sad things happen and not just all day, everyday for seemingly no reason. I want to use this blog to try and step out of my comfort zone just a little bit and start to look into those parts of life I felt so removed from for so long.

I still don’t know that much about fashion, but I am starting to realise there’s a connection between how I feel on the inside and the face I show to the world on the outside, and this little piece of the internet is a place for me and my far more stylish cousin, to explore that idea a little bit further.

3 thoughts on “Scarlett

  1. I’ve missed your posts on so I’m really excited to read your pieces on here! I’m so happy for you that your anxiety has lifted and I hope you continue to feel more like you each day X


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