I had no idea what prom would be like, I knew it was going to be a party with my friends and I knew i needed a dress and to decide how I was going to wear my hair. But it was prom, what was going to happen to set it apart from just a normal party? In my mind prom was associated with films in which it was a major milestone in the lives of american teenagers, filled with excitement and glamour, slow dancing, spiked punch and generally a happy ending. However I was also aware that, living in England, with an anxiety problem and not owning a brightly coloured maxi dress my prom would be slightly different.

A few days before, I realised I was actually quite nervous. Excitement confused with anxiety was causing me to feel nauseous whenever I even thought about leaving the comfort of my bedroom and actually having to socialise, even if it was with people who I go to school with everyday in a building 20 minutes away from my house. To me the fear was real, although admittedly completely irrational. I arrived with a group of my friends after having had a few glasses of prosecco and taking a few too many photographs. My gold mini dress and black high heels felt like suitable prom attire, the emerging blisters, to me a true sign that i had achieved the vague and unhelpful guidelines of ‘smart’.

My initial impression of prom was that it was slightly disappointing. As I walked in, the large room was mostly empty except from a few of my school friends, one or two teachers and a DJ, the much anticipated night suddenly seemed like a bit of a let down. I came to realise that because of my expectations of the night either being really fun or really scary i hadn’t considered the possibility that it would just be ordinary and due to my ability to wildly overthink situations, the night was destined to be a bit disappointing. Prom night consisted of all of the aspects that make a party, a dark room, music, me dancing while trying to ignore the fact that I have no rhythmic ability, a couple of drinks, someone being sick in either the bathroom or the bushes outside, and all of my friends. Had this been a normal party I probably would have had a lot of fun, however the idea that prom was just like a regular night felt wrong. Despite having said this, prom did have its high points and I would definitely recommend prom-ing to others, even if it is a bit shit and you have blisters for weeks at least you’ll have some great pictures of you in a nice dress looking like you were having fun and some very toned calf muscles from those high heels, undeniably worth it.


Wearing – Bella Freud metallic shift dress, Topshop suede tie sandals 

2 thoughts on “Prom…

  1. Hi Anna, this post sums up prom perfectly for anyone who has a tendency to wildly overthink – I also fall into this category. You look beyond great, but I have a cringey question – I bought these shoes for a wedding next week (inspired by you!) and I was wondering how you’ve tied them to make them look that great?! I’ve just tried them on and most of my attempts at tying have been poor… Haha any tips would be appreciated! Xx


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