The Struggle of the Summer Dress

I’m only slightly ashamed to admit that my wardrobe, carefully curated over many years of dressing with only the desire to cover as much of my body as possible, consists of almost 90% jumpers and knitwear. Which means when it comes to dressing for a Christmas party I am the belle of the ball but when it comes to finding an outfit to wear during summer I find myself incredibly, agonisingly under-prepared. Just the word ‘heatwave’ breaks me out into a cold, nervous sweat as I try to figure out which of my woollen jumpers is the thinnest and might withstand a muggy August in London. The heat makes me automatically self-conscious; worried about how red I am, worried about making sure my legs are smooth and shiny and not their usual hairy and slightly scaly and worried about whether the sweat patch creeping over my back is imaginary, or in fact very real and dripping on the chair I’m sitting on. It’s all stressful. It’s all hot. And it’s all a bit sticky.

This year I decided it was time to stop trying to mould Christmas-wear into summer-wear and try to find a few heatwave appropriate dresses that I actually might feel comfortable in. The problem with an easy, breazy summer dress is that they’re rarely as easy or breazy as one would hope. There are so many things that can go wrong. They can be too short, too tight, to arm-y, too back-y. I can handle dresses in the evening, when I’ve got time to prepare myself and know I’m only going to be wearing it for a few hours, but a dress in the day time has to be appropriate for every possible social interaction the day might hold, withstand the inevitable post-meal bloating AND be comfortable enough that I don’t go home and change into my pyjamas as soon as lunch is over.

So far on my search I’ve found two I quite like, both from Topshop, as a shopping trip in which I visit more than one shop is much too stressful for my easily overwhelmed brain. As someone who hasn’t worn a pair of jeans for over 5 years (more on that to come) I rarely peruse the MOTO section of the Topshop aisles (what does MOTO even mean?) but this year, Topshop’s denim dresses came to my rescue. Denim dresses are a bit like armour, sturdy, solid and able to protect you against anything the day might throw in your face. They’re not flimsy, flowery little summer frocks. They are proper, grown up, ladies dresses. Cool, calm and collected. Durable, not clingy, and not remotely too hot or remotely too sticky.

Wearing: Topshop stripe button pinafore dress, Topshop denim dress, Adidas mesh trainers. 

One thought on “The Struggle of the Summer Dress

  1. Loving the new blog 🙂 I’ve been reading your blogs since Teen Granny! I also haven’t worn jeans in 5 years – love those dresses!!!! Keep up the awesome new blog 😘


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