Summer knitwear

If I could just wear knitted jumpers everyday of the year for the rest of my life I would have no complaints, I feel as if I am constantly looking for that jumper perfect for all occasions, exactly the right shade of grey, and preferably under a fiver? Ebay? Craigslist hit me up. Despite this, when the summer months start to arrive the knitwear begins to feel heavy and unforgiving against the glare of the sun and I realise it is finally time to expose my pale skin to the outside world. To my great disappointment I tend to stay reasonably pale throughout the summer, probably due to my irrational fear that over 30 minutes in direct sunlight will definitely cause severe heatstroke and should not be risked.

Last year I discovered the dream that is summer knitwear, and lets be honest i’m never going back.  There are only so many chiffon skirts and denim shorts a girl can take and, for me a jumper is like a safety blanket, without that extra layer of protection I tend to feel a bit lost, similar to the feeling of having forgotten something, like maybe to put on some trousers, but really its just warm enough to go out without a coat. A few months ago I found the perfect red mini dress, fine knit, bright red, a little bit sparkly round the collar and although dangerously short, stable enough not to do that thing when the wind blows and your underwear is exposed to friends, family and distant relatives who should definitely not know the colour of your pants. Although i’m aware knitted clothing can have its downfalls- matching family christmas jumpers are never a good plan- I would aways rather be wearing a cable knit than a body con dress and even though summer and knitwear aren’t as compatible as some may wish, much like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston- there seems to be a mini dress shaped solution. 

Wearing- Bella Freud mini dress,  River Island sunglasses (similar)

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