What is Crying With Cool Clothes on?

This blog is not just about clothes, but it’s also not just about crying, it’s about the connection between the clothes we wear and the way we feel. It’s about two girls who both have had points in their lives when getting dressed in the morning felt like the hardest thing in the world, when getting out of bed in the morning became an impossibility. Two girls who are now trying to figure out how to be normal (ish) people in the normal (ish) world, and are quickly realising that you can’t just wear pyjamas everyday.


Hi, I’m Scarlett Curtis, I’m 20, and I’ve been blogging, writing and journalism-ing since I was 14, you may know me from my blogs Teen Granny or ScarlettCurtis.com, or you may not know me at all, in which case – Hello, would you like a cupcake?

For a very long time clothes and fashion were pretty much the last thing in the world that I could even think about. I spent a lot of my teens in a lot of physical pain followed by a lot of mental pain. For 3 years I had such a bad back that I couldn’t wear anything except hugely baggy jumpers that wouldn’t touch my skin and once I got physically better my struggles with anxiety and depression meant that I rarely got out of my pyjamas. Fashion and ‘cool clothes’ were a portion of this world, much like dungeons and dragons or the stock market, that I assumed I would never be a part of.

I wanted to start this blog because over the last year, as my anxiety and depression has begun to shift, I started to realise that caring about what I wore meant more than just which navy blue GAP jumper I put on in the morning. That the clothes that I armed myself with every morning before setting off into the big (and let’s face it, often pretty scary) world could make me feel confident, or clever, or even potentially cool. I started to realise that all the women around me who I assumed just came out of the womb knowing exactly what to wear, were also making decisions every day about what they wore and that those decisions, even if only in the smallest way, were effecting how they felt as they lived their lives. I still don’t know that much about fashion, but I am starting to realise there’s a  connection between how I feel on the inside and what’s on my body on the outside, and this little piece of the internet is a place for me and my far more stylish cousin, to explore that idea a little bit further.


I’m Anna Kitty, a 17 year old girl who throughout her life has suffered from panic attacks and anxiety. At the beginning of last summer things got really bad and I spent the majority of my time watching re-runs of friends, stalking Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account and trying to avoid anything that meant leaving the house. However over the past year, after a very low point, things have slowly started to get easier. After spending months wearing only pyjamas I realised that I was actually gong to have to turn off the TV and leave the house, in doing this I discovered that by wearing whatever I wanted, even if some days this meant flared baby blue tracksuit bottoms and a grey polo neck, I was able to have some control about how I felt and leaving the house could become something creative and not as scary.

My mum is a strong believer of feeling better and recovering from the inside out, however I’ve come to realise that, although therapy may have a more lasting effect, a good pair of jeans and some mascara can go a long way when I’m feeling a bit shit. As my anxiety has started to reduce, my personal style has become less about trying to feel safe and more of a form of self expression and I guess this blog will help to document how strongly my mood effects what clothes I decide to wear.

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